We have launched the following Branded Generics to facilitate a significant cost saving to individual CCG’s through an immediate reduction in their Drugs Bill. We can support this partnership via allowing CCG’s to take advantage of our exemplary service levels borne out of us manufacturing all of our Analgesics in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Bolton, Lancashire.

Please use our CCG calculator to work out the potential savings for your organisation should you move across our Mandanol and Eroset products. Click enquire to send us your requirements and one of our friendly sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have Distribution Agreements in place with both Alliance Healthcare and Phoenix UK. These products are also available via AAH as part of their normal Third Party Ordering Scheme, (TPOS).

Mandanol Profit Calculator

  • Current Monthly Paracetamol 500mg 100 pack Usage
  • Calculated Monthly Paracetamol 500mg CAT M Cost
  • Calculated Monthly Mandanol 500mg Cost
You could be saving

Eroset CCG Profit Calculator

  • Current Monthly 500/10mg Co-dydramol Usage
  • Calculated Monthly 500/10mg Co-dydramol CAT-M Cost
  • Calculated Monthly 500/10mg Eroset Cost
You could be saving

Eroset products are only available in packs of 12 boxes

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